After 16 years of preaching the Good News, a great friend of mine resigned from his associate pastor position at my church this last weekend. He touched thousands of lives in his years serving and was loved by all members of our congregation, yet he knew it was time for a change.

He delivered one last riveting sermon this last Sunday in his last service at my church. And, like many of his sermons over the years, his words touched me deeply. What resonated with me most was a simple but profound statement he made: if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

In other words, don’t expect different outcomes unless you add different inputs.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about who we are as Americans in 2016. Let’s face it: we’ve got some problems. We live in a time of ignorance, turmoil, and division. We debate whose lives matter. We seek out (and easily find) news stories and statistics that support our preexisting worldviews. We envy success but not hard work. We feel entitled to a certain standard of living. We think it’s government’s job to take care of our neighbors in need. And when anything goes wrong, we immediately point fingers at opposing political parties.

It seems that if all that was needed to fix America’s problems was to demonize people you disagree with, our problems would have been fixed long ago. In fact, if that approach worked, we probably wouldn’t have ever experienced any problems in the first place.

I suggest that it’s time for a new approach. If you’re likewise tired of the ignorance, turmoil, and division that plagues America, I hope you’ll join me in embracing these 10 ideas…