One of the most important lessons I learned about economics during my time at Luther College came from Professor Wade Shilts on my very first day of Econ 130: Principles of Economics. In his interest of full disclosure to his students, Wade (as he prefers to be called) warned us that economists see the world differently – and they tend to come across as bizarre and at times annoying characters as a result. Ten years following my graduation, Wade’s words have proven true. Just ask my wife!

Case and point, check out those boxes on that pallet!!

Does that sight not rank among the most beautiful examples of economic liberty you’ve seen in recent times?!

On the surface, no. It’s a couple of boxes. A pallet. Some banding. A few stickers. On the surface, this is probably the most boring photo I could possibly feature in a blog post. But let me tell you the story behind this photo. Because, in the spirit of I, Pencil, these boxes and pallet are nothing short of miraculous. Economic liberty is a beautiful thing!