Here’s a bit of Ross Brown trivia for you: exactly three people have ever cut my hair. My first haircut was given to me by a stylist at a national chain (maybe Cost Cutters?) back when I was a toddler. I don’t know who it was. After that came the big stretch: from my second haircut in 1985 all the way through the end of 2016, every single haircut I ever received was given to me by Madison’s local legendary barber Rick Meier.

Sadly, Rick passed away earlier this year after a five-year bout with cancer. He was a great man who showed me what real success looks like.

Understandably, it took me a while to even consider (let alone implement) a new plan for my hair styling needs after Rick’s passing. But by late February – almost two months after my last haircut with Rick – my mirror (and my wife) told me that it was time. Shag is not a good look for me. So I started to explore my options and found a new place.

Fast forward to last week. As I pulled up to my new hair salon, I had to stop and chuckle because I knew some people would be upset at the sight that lay before me – and the timing couldn’t have been funnier! What I saw was a spiffy example of why economic liberty (i.e. free market capitalism) is right!