As I pursue my happiness by documenting and advancing liberty in American culture, I’m constantly evaluating my everyday experiences through the lenses of economics, civics, and personal initiative. As I explain on my About page, “I choose the first two lenses because I acknowledge that economic liberty and civil liberty are two sides of the same coin; you don’t possess liberty in any real sense with one but not the other. I include the third lens because merely possessing liberty is meaningless. Liberty’s power is only meaningful when it is combined with personal initiative. Liberty opens the door of opportunity, but only you can walk through it.”

The first two lenses are fun to think about and talk about – but that third lens (personal initiative) poses real challenges to us all from time to time, myself included. Because when you embrace personal initiative, you take responsibility for the trajectory of your life – and sometimes life is difficult.

I personally experienced such difficulty just a few weeks ago. I sat at my laptop with a hot cup of coffee one Tuesday morning and wondered where to begin. After six months of behind the scenes work, I was eager to embrace the power of personal initiative and implement my new ideas – but I had no idea where to start because there was so much to be done. Blogging, podcasting, social media, email newsletters, a new product launch (coming soon) – LTP was just the beginning. My growing family, implementing 10-year plans at work, maintaining friendships, my physical health, my mental health, my faith walk… A never-ending stream of critical tasks pummeled my mind from every angle of life. How will I possibly find time to do all this? The answer was far from clear.

But then I discovered two simple questions that helped me align my life with my values almost instantaneously – and they’ll help you do the same!

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